Monday, October 19, 2009

And...we're back!

So I have completely neglected this blog during the eventful summer and it has been so long I almost had to look up the name of it. Luckily for me I named it something rhyme-y.

So As midterm season starts up again I thought I would take my mind off things with some introspective soul searching. I had this nickname during the senior year of high school. My AP Lit teacher used to call me "Fire."

Now back then I had just assumed that it was because I was not mentally stimulated in high school I was fiery and energetic. I generated laughter, was really loud, and couldn't sit still. A sort of class clown, if you will, because frankly school was boring someone had to liven it up.

But even though I have supposedly moved on from those rose tinted intellectual dark ages, I find that I haven't really changed at all. The more that I think about it the more I realize that fire is a name that suits me well no matter how much smarter or more mature I think I have become.

College is supposedly this place where you "find yourself" or where your life changes. I'm really not sure if I have grown that much. Don't get me wrong, Columbia has taught me a lot since I have arrived. I feel as though I have learned to express myself more eloquently in both speech and writing. I have also been exposed to a much more wide variety of intellectual stimuli. However, I don't think I have yet experienced this life changing phenomenon that supposedly will change me into an adult. I am still that fire. Ironically enough, the sharpening of my analytical ability that took place here has allowed me to see that I am indeed even more similar to this "fire" than I had realized.

So let me think about this character I represent.

Fire is full of energy. I don't think there is much doubt that I am an energetic person. I talk loudly, I talk a lot, I have trouble sitting still, I have trouble focusing, etc. This I understood about myself even in high school.

Fire is warm and bright. I try to be. Of course I'm not a very objective judge of this but I do care for my friends. I like to be around people I like to see other people happy. I like to think that I usually bring smiles and warmth to people. When people are sad I like to brighten them up. I am almost always in a somewhat cheery mood. But as they say, "play with fire and you are going to get burned" which leads me to my next analysis.

Fire indiscriminately burns. Ever get too close to a fire? It burns. Does it matter who you are? No, not really. I am opinionated. I'm not going to pretend I'm not. I have things to say. I am pretty comfortable with truth as a whole. The closer you are, the more comfortable I get with the truth. And as all have experience at some point in life, the truth can hurt. Of course I'm not trying to hurt the people I am close to. I speak what is on my mind and what I think. I apologize if I hurt you by speaking my mind.

Fire is pretty uncontrollable. This kind of goes along with what I said previously. I have trouble controlling what I say and do. So do my parents. Ask them about it and they will tell you.

Fire is useful but only when given direction. If you just have a fire then you have a fire. If its not given direction, nothing will happen. I feel like I do possess at least some abilities and skills. I learn quickly but never perfect anything. I'm not really great on taking the initiative and perform much better when it is made clear what exactly I should be doing. This is ironic because I don't think I like being told what to do.

Fire doesn't "tone down." I'm sure you can make the case that on your stove if you turn it down lower the fire is lower...but I'm pretty sure if you touch the fire it will still burn you. So with fire I feel like the energy is either on or off. I also feel like it is that way with me. I have my off times and those times I am really off. Most of the time I feel like I am pretty constant. I used to play tennis by the motto "make every shot a power shot." (Actually I still do) I also feel like I tend to live life this way. Do what I want be outrageous and have fun. But power is inversely proportional to control.

I can't really think about anymore right now and whoever does read this sad blog anymore probably doesn't really care for anymore analogies anyways.

But despite this I feel as though I have matured since high school. Have slightly put my priorities in a better order. Have learned that screwing around won't get you anywhere. I have learned that life is harder than high school. Looking at myself now, I see that though there have been adjustments, the core is still the same. I am still the same person I was. Also I feel like I am still so much behind everyone else when it comes to knowing how to live the "right" way.

Also I have been completely neglecting my Art Hum review for the midterm tomorrow.
So I guess Ill quit now. I hope at least some of this made sense.

As you can probably tell, I have exhausted all desire to continue writing.

But just out of curiosity, who actually reads this? Leave a comment please?
Sorry for the rant. Also let me know if there is another addition I can make to this analogy.

Moral: If your mind is preoccupied with something, dropping whatever you were doing before and completely exhausting the intruding thought is a great way to regain focus (and take a break from studying because that is usually what you are doing when your mind wanders off). I did it and so can you!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

One of the Most interesting things that has ever happened to me

So today at about 10 pm one of the most unique experiences of my life happened. Aside from being in a building (McBain) when the fire alarms went off...with real smoke....this is definitely one of the most bizzare things that has happened here. So Jer and I were just experimenting with different drinks (non alcoholic mind you) from M2M called 2% and 17 tea both of which are pretty good if you like japanese flower candy or barley tea respectively. We had drank our fill and were walking outside and were about to cross the street to broadway when we saw these two people pushing a car. Not like a mini or like a smart was a volvo wagon. A real car. They also weren't pushing it on the side of the road or something... it was in the left most lane on broadway. So as they push the car past we ask if they need help. Interestingly enough they say yes...(not many new yorkers would say yes but I guess the car was heavy) so with a woman inside steering jer and I help push the car and they pull over to the side I guess. They thank us and as we were walking away one of the guys thought he would be funny (or I hope it was a joke) and shout: "Its stolen!" while wheeling the car away. Jer and I laughed at this but did actually think for a second...wait now they have our prints and if it is stolen we are accomplises.

Hopefully it wasn't stolen and we were just being good citizens and helping out people in need. It was also so interesting to push a car...while other cars were still in the road. Ones that were not broken. I suppose it was a little dangerous but people have to live on the wild side a little. Prior to this I had always wanted to push a neutral my dream has come true. I wonder what happened to our travellers.

In other news Days on Campus kids piss me off. Them and their cliquiness already and their carefree attitude. They think they are all super cool because the were accepted. They don't know what columbia is about yet. Come Fall 2009 their eyes are going to be opened wide. Say good bye to your innocense...welcome to HELL..... BWAHAHA I really want to say that to them. :/ maybe when Im a senior.

Ok now since I am pretty sure I won't be going to econometrics...again I should probably go to bed so I can at least make micro. Goodnight!

Moral this time: NYC is a city with unlimited opportunities for Fun and adventure but also for failure and disappointment. For those failing and disappointing times Kevin and Jeremy are always there to help...hopefully you actually need help and you aren't stealing a volvo.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools!!!!

It is officially April Fools now. I think today there is supposed to be something about the Conficker worm taking over like millions of PCs or something. Also I am curious to see what internet giants like google and youtube and facebook may do. As for me I don't think I will be doing anything.

I can't wait for my professors to throw clever things out there: Guess what? Pop quiz or guess what you failed your midterm or something....April Fools!...oh wait you are kh2332? no you really did fail your midterm.

Also... I dunno why I started blogging so much.

In other news I have discovered mathematically through the lovely econometrics hw I was doing that you are older for a lot longer of a time span than you are young. Like you are only young for like 30 years at most. Given that people live like 70-80 on average
that is mad shorter of a time being young than old. Also 30 years of youth is pretty generous I feel. So don't be in such a rush to mature and grow up folks. You don't have much youth left. almost 2/3s through it. OH GOSH I need to go do some juvenile things.

Also I had an epic conversation with larry today: discussing how Columbia pwns me

What is the lasting impression Columbia made on u?
Uhh, despite all of the metaphysical and philosophical questions that remained unanswered
[19:46] flowitup: Columbia at least gave me one guaranteed answer
[19:46] plazmanrg: hahahaha
[19:46] flowitup: How to fail the right way? Attend Columbia
[19:46] plazmanrg: "I may be a failure..but Im an ivy league failure"-Random Columbia student

So I think we want to make these into tee shirts and sell them. Who is with me?

Thats it for now maybe I will update with any funny April fools things

Moral: Don't waste your youth....oh wait its pretty much too late.

Google's April Fools:


2nd Midterm coming up on April 15th with review session on the 13th

Being virus-y


Flights to Mars

More to come?


So I went to Boston this past weekend. Also for some reason it always ends up that Julie's free times to come down always happen to be like immediately after mine... go figure. So she will be coming down this weekend.

Anyways in boston it was very event filled.

We made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies with coconut on top.

We watched some episodes of an anime about musicians

We cooked burgers for a friend's birthday...this involved setting off the fire alarm and in an effort to stop it from ringing leaving the bread in the oven and the meat an onions on the stove and everything becoming overcooked/burnt. The bread was hard as rock but if you took it off it was still super yum.

I sat in the study lounge while Julie tutored someone in statistics...I did some hw and took a nap
We went shopping. For the most part it was Julie buying things here and there but then I came around in the end and got those Air Jordans I posted about earlier. YAY!

We wanted to go to a place to eat bar food...burgers and stuff only to find out that it was actually a Bar and we needed to be 21 or older to even go inside. Maybe it was the time?

Overall it was very fun

We even almost got Hustled by these little kids. As we sat down eating lunch (really good place called Scoozi) these two kids walk up and ask: "Do you want to buy some of these paper flowers in order to help us buy a birthday gift for our mom?"

I, being the evil person I am, said no. I also noted that that is a great marketing scheme asking children to ask for money to help their moms aww so sweet. They also preyed on those who couldn't walk away.

So these kids in their slick guido hairstyles decide to ask the people next to us. The people respond how much is one? The kids respond 2 dollars each. The two dudes then asked if he had change for a 10. The kids responded that they didn't and they could just buy 5. They did.

Then in a few minutes they were spotted walking away with their mom trying to sell to more people. Needless to say the two men next to us weren't happy and I think I heard something about going over to teach them all a lesson. I was like LOL. What a bunch of Pros.

Moral: When trying to sell things, use children and love appeal. Also after selling things don't lose your front that fast or you might find a lesson or two coming your way.

P.S. I think I'm going to start carrying my camera around with me so I can take pictures and not make my blog look so ugly. I've got one so far.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ok so today I am writing about the passage of time. I know I was talking to annie about this but we still remember just getting into college and we are already 3/4 done with our second year of college. Annie recalls when she just joined up with CSC and now she is president (yay annie!) I still remember the times when we would just sit on the steps until early morning or play frisbee late into the night. I remember all the times we used to hang out. The whole gang. Now we are moving our seperate ways and doing or things. New experiences and new accomplishments. We are all growing up...or shall I say most of us are. I dunno if I am. haha.

As I was walking back from work I saw all the tour groups of prospective students being led around like little dogs and recalled that at one point I may have been like that too. So full of hope about college and so unaware of just how challenging and different it would be. They don't have any idea of how their lives are going to change. The whole time the song playing on my ipod was Coldplay's Clocks. It was overwhelming amount of nostalgia and so I felt that I had to post.

After it all I must say I am pretty happy about how things turned out. I am happy I am friends with who I am and enjoy my life. Leave a comment about time if you like.

Moral: I have developed my own type of morality. It has a simple principle. Do things as long as you won't regret them later. If you have no regrets you have done right.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Something that annoys me

You may not be familiar with what Im talking about here but recently I went to the orthopedic doctor because my back hurts and stuff. Go figure why I have back pain at age 19. Anyways they give a few choices for what I guess could be called relationship status. The choices are as follows:

Are you?
Single Married Divorced or like Widowed or something.

And Im sitting here trying to figure out where I am in the spectrum. Im certainly not married yet. which would make the latter two also impossible. But I am also certainly not single. I really was confused as to what/where I fit in here. I dunno if anyone else had any problems with this kind of thing before. Or has there been something else where they give you categories and you aren't really in any of them? Basically Im begging for comments because it seems that nobody comments so...please do comment.

Today's moral is: Take care of your body so you don't have to deal with potentially hurting yourself or filling out paperwork for your doctor that gets really annoying.

Seriously though,
Doctor's paperwork is really stupid.
It asked me please describe your pain in the following areas:
Back: Buttocks: Legs: Please use percentages keeping in mind that the total should add up to 100.

I was like how the hell am I supposed to put percentages of pain in different parts of my body? I can't measure that nonsense.

Also the more typical questions.
Have there been any cases of x,y, z conditions in your family since the last time you filled this out for a doctor? Have any members suddenly developed a history of cancer in like the one year you haven't filled one of these out?

They should really ask:
Are you wondering why we don't just do this electronically so that we can forward it to other doctors?

And basically Doctors annoy me

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

Not much to say here. Im on spring break and have been studying for my CC midterm. Also I did a probability problem set. Yup.

However I was talking with a friend of mine about why female mantises eat the male ones after or during mating. and came across this yahoo question.

If you look at the link you see that she poses the question and chooses the best answer. The answer sucks. Then scroll down to the first answer after that. Admire how it is infinitely better. OK thats all I really had to say.

Moral: Don't as questions if you don't want answers